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 FRP-NH Flame Retardant Masterbatch 

FRP Red Phosphorus Flame Retardant is an additive-type high efficient environment-friendly flame retardant. With our unique “ultra refinement and stabilization modification” process, we coat the ultra refinement phosphorus with inorganic compounds and organic resin microcapsules to achieve the perfect combination of the flame retardant performance and the security performance.


FRP flame retardant is high-effective, less-quantity and lower-cost. It can keep the original workability of the resin including its mechanical and electrical properties, especially for the flex flame-retardant products.

FRP flame retardant is easy to combine with the resin, keeping its mechanical properties. The procession is single. The mixture is homogenous distributed. 

Flame-resistant resin with FRP flame retardant has less smoke and few toxic gases when they are burned. It can reduce the fire lost.

FRP flame retardant can be made in black color according to customers’ requirement.

FRP PA/ PA66 master batch flame retardant

Product name

Phosphorus content(%)


Flame-retardant level



Without fiber




18( added SiO2 or Mg(OH)2 as synergist.)

UL94 V-0


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