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Detailed introduction

Triazine Macromolecule Char Forming Agent-2200

I. product description:

This product is mainly used for halogen free intumescent flame retardant carbon source. Compared with the traditional pentaerythritol type carbon agent, the water soluble agent has the advantages of low water solubility, no migration and excellent carbon forming property, and can be compounded with other additives to form a halogen-free intumescent flame retardant, and is widely applied Halogen free flame retardant of polyolefin resins. At the same time, PBT, PA and other carbon dioxide also has a good effect.

 II.product advantages:

1. excellent water resistance, low water solubility, excellent flow properties.

2 good compatibility with the suitable acid source can improve the comprehensive performance of flame retardant products

 III. technical data:



The effective component




1% decomposition temperature


Solubility (25 degrees)



VI. Application:

1., with the use of acid source, it is recommended to add appropriate carbon promoter, more conducive to carbon;

2., glass fiber and some inorganic fillers (calcium carbonate, talc, barium sulfate, etc.) and toner will not affect the flame retardant effect, it needs to be adjusted according to the actual use of customers.

3., in the absence of glass fiber and flame retardant requirements of higher occasions, can be appropriate to add anti dripping agent;

4. long time storage, re-use, should be dried at 90-110 degrees 2-4h.

 V. packaging and storage

25 kg / bag, paper plastic composite lining + plastic bags, Store in a cool dry place.

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